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I’m Black and I Have a Dad

Yes…that’s the title. Last month I had the pleasure of meeting Jazmine Duke, author of “I’m Black and I have a Dad” and founder of The Female Condition. Jazmine is an unapologetic feminist who is fearless and dynamic. Raised by her Black single father, Duke debunks the stereotype that Black fathers are not involved in their children’s lives.

Jazmine Duke

Jazmine Duke

Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand the stereotype. I never met my biological dad, but was fortunate enough to be raised by a Step-Dad who showed me exactly what a father should be- loving, caring, supportive, and a hard worker. A lot of my friends growing up did not have a father figure in their lives, but that is not the case for all children of color. In Jazmine’s book, she explains that her mother gave up her rights to raise her and her dad completely stepped in, got her through college and basically help set up what her strong business acumen is today. In her book, she also explains the difficulties her dad faced raising a biracial daughter in the 90s. 

Through social media, I have seen an influx of fathers (all races) stepping in and taking on a stronger role in their children’s lives whether or not they are still with their significant other. Its kind of like social media has become the accountability police, where was Instagram when my biological father conveniently left the picture? 

All jokes aside, it’s great to see positive images being portrayed of black men during a time where our society is so racially divided. Read Jazmine’s book, now available on Amazon! 

I’m Black & I Have a Dad- A modern woman’s memoir about growing up with a single Black father.

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A modern memoir about growing up with a single Black father written by Jazmine Duke.

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