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Conflict Free Diamonds- Brilliant Earth

Last week Thursday I was proposed to! Yes….PROPOSED! Of course, I said yes. After crying like a baby for 3 minutes, I was able to take a look at the most delicate & gorgeous ring that I’ve ever laid my eyes on. The first words that my fiance said were that it is a conflict-free diamond from Brillant Earth.I immediately read the brochure that came with the ring. Brilliant Earth was founded in 2005 by a couple who were in search of a conflict-free ring.

“Brilliant Earth was co-founded by Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg, who met at Stanford University. When Beth was about to be engaged, she experienced firsthand, with her fiancé Alex, the challenge of finding a conflict-free engagement ring that represented her values. Eric, through his research at Stanford, became impassioned with the idea that responsibly-sourced jewelry could be an effective tool for social change in developing countries. Together, Beth and Eric founded Brilliant Earth in 2005.” (source-

Besides knowing exactly where your ring is sourced from, another great benefit is that your soon-to-be fiance can search for your ring online. Apparently, he was able to order a ring the first time, make changes, and received a new ring all through the mail. I had no clue that all of this happened. Sneaky.

“As part of our mission to transform the jewelry industry, we work in partnership with advocacy groups to promote awareness about conflict diamonds, dirty gold, labor and mining issues, and environmental concerns. We also donate 5% of our profits to benefit communities harmed by the jewelry industry.” (source-

I am so excited to be engaged and to also know that a portion of the proceeds from my ring was given to a community that was impacted by the jewelry industry.

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