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Five Must Haves for a New Apartment!

I like to consider myself an apartment expert. I’ve literally moved every year for the last 5 years. I was relocated from New York to Atlanta for work back in 2013 and now that I’m in Atlanta each year I find a new amenity that I must have. So at this point, I’m a pro at moving and have developed a pretty strong idea on the top five things that one must have in their new apartment.

1. A full-length mirror- Have you ever left your home and thought the shoes you paired with your outfit was on point but then got to your office and realized it was a fail? Invest in a full-length mirror and leave the guessing for someone else! My personal favorite mirror is from Rich & Lex. It’s called the “Gabrielle”. Use my code Gabbyslist10 and save 10% off your purchase.

2. A comfy sofa set- You can’t Netflix & Chill on hard chairs. Invest in a nice sofa set that can transition easily into your new home if you decide to own instead of renting.

3. An area rug- Normally, apartments either have lackluster carpeting throughout or hardwood floors. An area rug adds personality and color to your home.

4. Artwork- Remember those college posters? Toss them out and get yourself something that is framed nicely or is on a canvas. A great painting looks lovely over your sofa or bar area.

5. Wine Opener- I’m not talking about one of those ordinary wine openers that break after the third use. You need one of those nice electric wine openers. It’s an instant conversation starter and gives you more time to enjoy your wine instead of opening it!

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