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Back to School Essentials

Okay its been some years since I’ve been “back to school”, but after 4 years of boarding school, 4 years of undergrad, and 3 years of grad school, I think I can say I know what’s needed when heading back. I use to drive my parents crazy when I would reinvent my dorm room. For some reason I could only use Tommy Hilfiger sheets- yes I know, I was spoiled. Now as a true adult, a great deal on Amazon works for me (must have a good thread count still).

Throwback! Mercersburg Academy High School Reunion in 2008! Class of 2003. 

Throwback! Mercersburg Academy High School Reunion in 2008! Class of 2003. 

So, what’s needed?

1. Decide on your room decor. Are you sharing a room? Is it a single? If you’re sharing a room, you might want to hit up your new roommate on Facebook and see what he/she has in mind. I would hate to see one side of the room in floral and the other side in goth. If it is a single occupancy, you have all of the luck. Think about what you would like to see on a regular basis. Your room is your sanctuary. You will do all of your studying, lounging, hair styling, and of course be the occasional host for impromptu meetups in your room. Choose a neutral color scheme that works with all seasons. You can’t go wrong with khaki colored linens. You can purchase a colorful throw that will give personality to your room as well as fun curtains.

2. Firestick. In my day, we had a few cable stations on a 13″ tv. Not sure if the rules have changed since then, but an Amazon Firestick is essential into turning your television into a smart device. This will be key for your Netflix & Chill nights. You can also travel with your firestick. So when you have breaks to return home and your parents don’t have one, you can still catch your favorite shows.

3. Hot Tools. Great hot tools while away from home are essential to your hair game. For women, a great blow dryer, flat-iron, and wand curler are must-haves. For men, if you opt to cut your hair yourself or turning into the resident barber on campus and earning some extra cash, you will need a great set of barbering tools.

4. Luggage. Yes, I know the trash bags look tempting, but you are now a College Student. Think about your weekend getaways. You need to now travel in style. Invest in nice luggage and you will have it for years. Also when you’re moving into your dorm, first impressions are everything.

5. Bank Account. This should be #1 on the list. Before you leave home, research which banks are both in the city of your school and in the city where your parents live. Trust me, this will be clutch. I still have my bank open that’s close to my parents and I’m 32! You never know when you will need some cash. I know that there’s Cash App and Google Wallet now, but you never know when you need a good ole fashion bank that you can walk in to. Don’t forget to add a savings account. Start saving your coins now. Sallie Mae can’t wait to give you a call when you graduate.

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