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If I would’ve Won the Powerball

The winning numbers above

The winning numbers above

I woke up Wednesday night in a panic. I ran to my wallet and grabbed my Powerball ticket. I purchased only one because I knew I was winning. I googled Powerball, compared numbers and felt an instant weight in my chest. I really thought I was going to win y’all. LOL. Sadly I didn’t. I called my folks the next day to see if they were lucky. They weren’t. We then began to list all of the things we would’ve done if we won. Here’s my list below (in no particular order).

1. Call Sallie Mae and her cousins. I would pay off all of my student loan debt. PAY. IT. OFF.

2. Decide what to tell my job. Everyone who knows me knows that Indique is more than just a job for me, but under my new millionaire status, I would have to figure out what to do. Do I take a vacation to clear my head? Do I invest? Decisions, Decisions.

3. Create trust funds for my nieces, cousins, and step-daughter. The last thing that I want is for my family to have to worry about paying for college. Going to school with a clear mind is best for everyone, students and parents alike.

4. Travel. I love traveling. I would grab my partner and hit the road. Our best memories have always been overseas and with our friends and family.

5. Shop. I LOVE fashion. My wardrobe would go from a Maxinista to Gucci, Fendi, Louis, Prada. Hehehe…

6. Invest. There are so many great female startups that I would love to help & empower. One, in particular, is Goodr which was founded by Jasmine Crowe. “Goodr is a sustainable waste management app that leverages technology to combat hunger. Goodr redirects surplus food from restaurants, event centers, airports, and businesses to the millions of people who are food insecure.” It is such a great initiative. Head over to her site to learn more.

7. Parents. Lawd, I can’t believe I forgot about my parents. They have been my rock throughout my life. I joked with them yesterday and said that I would give them each a million bucks, but honestly, there really isn’t a number that can match what they are worth. I would just have to build them a home close to me and give them black cards.

8. Property. One thing I learned in that McDonald’s movie is that owning real estate is key. I would purchase a few homes, commercial spaces, and possibly empty land…about 400 acres sounds about right.

9. Co-workers. Christmas will come early for my colleagues.

10. Golden State Warriors. I love the Warriors. How much do I need to put down to have some say in their franchise? Asking for a friend. hehe

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