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5 ways to Spice Up your Home Office

It’s no secret that a lot of companies are downsizing their office space and opting for remote settings. With the increase in virtual offices, a lot of people are finding themselves either working from home or investing in collaborative work spaces. I’ve curated a list of chic office spaces for the modern day womanpreneur. Fellas, I’ll work on something for you next.

1. First, determine how much space you require. Is it a full bedroom? Do you need a small nook? Will other family members use this space? Should it be multifunctional? Knowing the size of your required space is key in the design and layout of your space. If you are in a one bedroom apartment, you may want to consider using one wall of your living room for your workspace.

2. Desk size. How large of a desk do you need for your type of work? If you were working in a cubicle before your transition, consider creating a similar setup in your home. Sometimes you develop certain work habits that you aren’t aware of. I HAVE to work with music. So when I work from home, I have a designated work nook in my bedroom where I can play my music without disrupting the whole house.

3. Natural light. It’s your own space, you can finally decide if you would like natural light. Sometimes the best lighting is in your living room. If you have double windows, find long matching drapes. Measure the width of the window and purchase a desk with a similar width. This table can work double duty as your desk and as a cute reading nook. This setup is definitely laptop friendly.

4. Mantras. What are the words or phrases that keep you going? Print them out and place them in chic frames. You can hang this around your work area to create a gentle reminder that you are here for work and not for Netflix.

5. Plants. Why is it that in movies when someone receives a pink slip they always have a plant in their box? It’s because plants give off positive vibes. Invest in a nice house plant that doesn’t require a lot of TLC.

Here is a visual of my suggestions. You can find the rest on my Pinterest board here.

Designing your home office can be a lot of fun!

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