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2018 Featured Bride for Black Bride Magazine!

I am so happy to announce that I am the 2018 Featured Bride for Black Bride Magazine! Some of you who know me may wonder why am I starting my planning already when my date is not until 2020?


Well, from conversations with my married friends, they all say, take as much time as you need to plan your big day! Also, the nerd in my Fiance and I would like for our big day to be on leap day, which so happens to be in 2020! And… it’s 2020! A great year (yes, I’m physic)!

So what does it mean to be the Featured Bride for Black Bride Magazine? I will document my planning process each month and provide helpful tips to other brides-to-be who are also planning.

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Join me in my planning process for a pretty epic wedding! lol

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