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Black Decor in Your Home

Part of "adult-ing" is investing in your home. Interior designers are sometimes crucial in planning your home aesthetic and decor. Designers, not to be confused with decorators, understand their ... READ the POST

If I would’ve Won the Powerball

I woke up Wednesday night in a panic. I ran to my wallet and grabbed my Powerball ticket. I purchased only one because I knew I was winning. I googled Powerball, compared numbers and felt an instant ... READ the POST

Back to School Essentials

Okay its been some years since I've been "back to school", but after 4 years of boarding school, 4 years of undergrad, and 3 years of grad school, I think I can say I know what's needed when heading ... READ the POST

Five Must Haves for a New Apartment!

I like to consider myself an apartment expert. I've literally moved every year for the last 5 years. I was relocated from New York to Atlanta for work back in 2013 and now that I'm in Atlanta each ... READ the POST

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