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Goli- Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

I take an apple cider vinegar shot every morning and have put so many of my friends and family on to it because it helps with appetite control and improves the immune system. The first thing they all ... READ the POST

A 700 Credit Score is Sexy!

Ignoring your credit score will not make it better!  But if you truly want to improve your credit score, it’s a vow that you must make for yourself and your future.  My friend, Stephanie Lawrence, ... READ the POST

Sisterhood Brunch

Girl crush moment. Let me tell you about Jazmine Duke; I met her last year at a dope event and her energy radiated the room. She’s witty, smart, and an unapologetic bad ass. A budding business mogul ... READ the POST

My Bachelorette Fashion in Cancun!

When I found out that my bridesmaids planned a lavish trip to the Moon Palace in Cancun, I quickly started to plan my outfits. My rule of thumb for packing is to always include a swimsuit, day outfit, ... READ the POST

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