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Bra Shopping

I’ve always dreaded going bra shopping. It use to be fun when I could still wear Victoria Secret’s bras, but now that my size matches the last letter of my name, I have to go to more of a specialty shop.

So, I scheduled an appointment at Rigby & Peller; what use to be known as Intimacy. I visited Intimacy twice before, once in New Jersey and another time in Atlanta. Both experiences were enjoyable, but unfortunately, my most recent experience wasn’t too great.

I walked in to the Phipps Plaza location with high hopes. I was going to get fitted (I’ve lost some weight since my last fitting) and I wanted to find some new bras in fun colors. I had to wait a bit for my “bra specialist” to see me, even though I scheduled an appointment. I didn’t stress that since they were having a sale. I’ve worked retail in the past, so I can relate to their stress. The young lady greeted me and then took me into a room. I already picked out a few bras that were on sale. Instead of measuring me with my current bra on, she told me to try on one of the bras that I picked out.

I tried it on and it didn’t fit at all. I tried calling her to come back, but she was missing for 10 minutes. I put a robe on and noticed that no one was in the store, so I assumed they were all in the back. I called her name and finally she came. I told her that this bra did not work, “can you fit me?”. Her reply, “No, I’ll just grab another bra.” I said, “Can you measure me before that?’. Her reply, “No, I don’t need to”. My response, “Hmm..okay, but I would still like to know my size.” Her reply, “We will figure that out once I find your bra.”

What? I have a lot of experience in trying on bras. I became annoyed and no longer eager to spend my money. I put back on my $60 Panache bra and walked out. She asked me if everything was okay, I told her I changed my mind and decided to go elsewhere.

Looking back, I’m not sure if I was erratic but as I become older, I am starting to trust my instinct and feelings more. I was uncomfortable with her energy and knew that I would not be 100% myself for the rest of the “fitting”. Not sure if this was a rare case for Rigby & Pellar. I’ve heard great things from other people about this company. I’ll try to visit again, but in the meantime, I will take my bra efforts to Amazon and search my size. If you are blessed with a larger bust, the brands that I have had luck with are:

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