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Breaking the Rules: Navy & Black

In honor of Independence Day, we are going to chat about liberating yourself from dated fashion rules. I’m not sure who came up with the “don’t mix navy and black” concept, but lately, that combination has been my fashion jam. Whenever I’m mixing odd colors together, I make sure to use a 2:1 ratio. For example, match your shoes with the color of your top; your bottoms can be any color of your choosing. Orange top and orange shoes with a bright pink skirt, or in this case, a black top with black shoes.

For my look, I paired a stretchy top with a navy blue pleated skirt. I accessorized with a jeweled belt and black leather sandals. All of my pieces were old and were collecting dust in my closet. So how did I manage to take what was old and make new again? I was on a time crunch. I met a fabulous blogger named Karisma Ray (pictured below) at the Fete du Rose Festival and she invited me to an event where she needed photos.

I had very little time to get ready and also did not want to look overdressed. There was to be a red carpet, but you know how that goes. No red carpet in sight, but we were still cute in 90-degree weather. Okay, I’m rambling, let’s get back to breaking fashion rules.

In this day in age with so many fast fashion options, I believe that traditional fashion rules no longer apply. Browns and blacks can even be paired together as long as you have the right fabrics and textures. Confidence is key when breaking a “fashion rule”. Check out my pose, confidence on fleek!

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