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Can Denim be Comfy?

If you would’ve asked me if it denim was comfy two weeks ago, my answer would’ve been absolutely not! Since 2020, my love for denim has decreased. WFH has set new standards for everyday attire and my blue jeans were not on that list. 

Fast forward to present day. I’ve recently discovered Universal Standard. I know, you must be asking me if I was living under a rock. Apparently so. Not sure why this brand wasn’t on my radar before, but after trying on a pair of their denim, I am now a new fan! 

I was gifted a pair of the Bae Boyfriend Crop Jeans. I ordered a size 14,  but to my surprise, I could’ve sized down. The stretch is AMAZING. This pair also is high-waisted (a personal preference of mine). 


What I noticed about the construction of my new jeans is that the denim is sturdy and doesn’t loose shape even though there is a lot of stretch. 

Stretch in action

Besides the comfort and style, Universal Standard is a mission driven brand, offering size inclusivity and diversity. A double bonus! Want to try Universal Standard for yourself? Click here to take a spin

*Please note that this article contains affiliate links where I will receive compensation if you purchase. I was gifted the denim jeans by Universal Standard.

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