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Comfy WFH Fashion

I’ve lost count on what day of quarantine it is. It’s now become our new normal. Before the quarantine, I was already a remote worker. I had a great system in place as I would work from different coffee shops, co-working spaces, and various locations throughout my apartment complex. The days that I had evening events, I would dress up. Those were the days.

Blossoming into a body-positive advocate and curvy fashion blogger, I am still tasked with creating relevant and engaging content. I know, like me, we are all wearing comfy, stretchy, and flowy attire throughout the house, because why wear denim if you don’t have to? If it doesn’t have stretch, I don’t want it. I’ve even tossed all of my underwire bras to the back of my drawer. So, what have I been wearing? Here are some fashion staples that you need asap to get you through the remainder of this quarantine.

Comfy Bra

It’s no secret that I have a large bust, so you’re probably wondering how I’m getting away with not wearing a traditional bra. Hallelujah to technology. Spanx has a collection of wire-free bras that actually holds and supports your breasts. I am normally a 1X in their bras. Most recently I ordered a 2X in the “Breast of Both Worlds,” which fits very comfortably. I could’ve gotten away with a 1X.

Cute Lounge Shirts

During the first week of the quarantine, I literally wore an ugly granny robe. My husband gently asked me if I was going to “put on real clothes”. I knew that was a hint that I needed to get my wardrobe in order. Anyone else feels guilty wearing your good clothes in the house? I certainly did and had to get over that quickly. I have a full arsenal of super cute and comfy lounge shirts.

Pants or No Pants

I’ve been anti-pants since the age of 3. Named, “Gabby-Tail,” I didn’t like anything on my bottom. Nothing hasn’t changed since then. If I’m home, you can normally catch me in my robes. But since work and home are now merged, I have sourced the comfiest bottoms. Hey, if I have to wear them, they better be stretchy.


When finding a top and bottom adds more stress than necessary, grab a jumpsuit! Trust me, this is the most convenient item that you can have in your closet. Onesies, better known asm rompers, are life savers.

So there you have it, a full assortment of husband-approved loungewear. You never know when you have to hop on an impromptu Zoom call (which you really don’t need bottoms for, lol).

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