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Moon Palace- Jamaica

This past Labor Day weekend I ventured over to Sunny Jamaica at the Moon Palace Resort for my dad’s 60th birthday celebration!

My parents & sister

Funny fact, about six years ago, I stayed at the Jamaica Grand which is now the Moon Palace Jamaica Grand.

I’ve visited Jamaica several times in the past. My dad and fiancé are both from there, so it’s become a second home for me. I am not new to the find cuisine and the culture. I’ve also had my fair share of hotel stays, from a 2 star to a 5 star, that being the Moon Palace.

Some hotels claim to be a luxury resort, but Moon Palace isn’t just a claim, it is a fact. From the moment you arrive at the Moon Palace, you are greeted with a mocktail and a carnation. Me being the digital geek that I am, I was blown away when I found out that the wristband is also your room key! Incredibly useful, unless you lose it.

The Moon Palace is an all-inclusive resort, meaning that you can eat and drink for “free” all day! Your room is fully stocked with liquors and treats and a digital menu for room service. My first day I ordered ackee and salt fish with blue mountain coffee. Yum!

Ackee, Saltfish & Calaloo

If you stay longer than three days, you will receive credits that you can use towards excursions and the spa. I selected the spa while my fiancé selected the hoverboard. With the credits, you do have to pay a 16% fee.

The Spa was a full experience. I ordered a massage. They instruct you to come an hour beforehand, which I thought was strange,until I arrived! There is a series of a hot room, steam room, cold room, cold bath, hot bath, and etc before you receive your massage. They shock your senses so that you can have the most relaxing experience. This was well worth $193!

My only complaint is that the Moon Palace is about 2 hours from the Montego Bay airport. So if you are staying here, I recommend adding an additional day to your stay because your first day will be spent traveling there. The price ranges from $300-$500 per night. I paid around $434 per night I think it was higher due to Labor Day Weekend. Click here to learn more.

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