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My Hair Journey

For the last 6 months i’ve had the pleasure of reconnecting with my hair. Yes, the hair underneath my wigs and extensions. Indique Hair partnered with Myavana 6 months ago and I bravely decided to take on the “Journey Girls” challenge.

That was me above during our promo shoot. I hadn’t worn my real hair for a photo in years. So what is Indique ID? Indique ID is a hair & product reccomendation system powered by Myavana. Your hair strands and scalp are viewed under a handheld microscope where they use the data found mixed with your questionairre to reccomend the best hair products to use. It takes away the trial and error of purchasing TONS of products that don’t necessarily work with your hair type.

Head over to the Journey Girl’s site to check out my product reccomendations. Not gonna lie, I was pretty excited to see my hair growth in my 6 months hair pic:

Growing healthy hair is a process! Check out what I used to help reduce the trial and error of product testing.

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