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My Year of Vision, Renewal, & Growth

Let me first start by saying, WHAT A YEAR! Initially, I thought 2020 would be a year of vision, renewal, and growth, but then Covid-19 hit, and it caused great pause across the world. Reflecting, I will have to say this year, so far, is filled with vision, renewal, and growth! Here’s why:


I jumped into 2020 with a wedding on my mind and the biggest worry of having to fit into my wedding dress. Right, I know, first world problems. My husband and I were able to pull off our wedding at the beautiful Primrose Cottage. March 1, 2020, was literally the best day ever. And then two weeks later, the world shut down. My vision for 2020 was to focus on my career and start to plant roots for my startup, Oromapy.

Before 2020, I LLC’d Oromapy, an essential oils wellness brand. Because I am a brand strategist, I knew that I had to give a lot of care to my business. From the look & feel of the packaging to the user experience on the website, it all needed to be well thought out. I had high hopes of hiring people to do all of this for me. As I created the outline of what was needed, I knew that it wasn’t cost effective for me to hire other people. So, I buckled down and divided the tasks among my husband and me, and we created Oromapy. He helped with my packaging & logistics while I designed my website and sourced the best essential oil in the United States. Everything was self-funded. The way I looked at it, this money would’ve been spent on lavish hotels, fine dining, and unnecessary Target runs. Instead of a honeymoon, my husband and I both focused on launching our businesses. Our vision of entrepreneurship was evident.


When my husband proposed, he said he would like to live abroad. I was down for that, but then Covid strikes. So we picked the next best option, Florida. Moving to Miami in June 2020 was a huge risk and may appear super random to many of our friends and family. We would visit this glorious city, about 3x a year, and he would always ask me if I would live here. My answer was always no. Until we were quarantined for two months, the thought of waking up to palm trees didn’t sound like a bad idea. So we moved. Traded in our peaches for oranges. Moving to this state allowed for immediate renewal. Being connected to nature through the beach, lakes, and friendly iguanas made me appreciate my Caribbean roots. It wasn’t all roses, though. I had to become acquainted with the Fast N Furious Miami drivers and the abrupt attitudes. It’s like NYC with Palm Trees and no subway. As a fashion blogger, I often would take photos of 5 different looks within the hour. I would have my clothing in a bag and dress quickly in a public restroom ( LOL, I know the struggle). You. Can’t. Do. That. Here. It’s way too hot. By the time I tried to put on a second look, my poor lash would be sweating off. I had to rethink my blogging strategy, which caused a huge hiatus quickly. It allowed me to focus on why I started blogging in the first place, to be a voice for body positivity & acceptance. I was able to establish my presence on social media and helped to be a vehicle of love & wellness for my audience. Renewal of self was established.


I’ve struggled with depression in the past, and being hit with a pandemic made it more prevalent. Not too many of my friends & family know that. I am constantly seen as the strong one. The one you go to for advice. The sounding block. I’ve never received medical attention for this. I’ve self-medicated by splurging or created a great blend of essential oils. It’s helped me to cope with several different situations. What is growth? When something is born, it needs to be nurtured and given the necessary ingredients to thrive. This past year, my friends & family have all given me the tools to cope. From hour-long FaceTime calls to impromptu game nights, it becomes the best medicine for me. This past year I’ve established myself as a business owner, a wife, and an integral team member for the companies I’ve worked for (another story for another day). To say that I’ve grown this year is an understatement.


Looking at the glass half full instead of empty, I have to say that 2020 has opened our eyes for the good politically, emotionally, & spiritually. I know this blog post lacks the normal clothing & lifestyle advice, but I had to address why I’ve been missing in action on this platform. I hope that you can use this entry as an opportunity to reflect on your year and feel free to reach out to me or visit my Insta for daily doses of Joy.

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