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On Saturdays we Brunch

At the Garden and Gun Club

The older we become, the harder it is to have dedicated “Girl Time”. How many “girl only” group chats are currently on your phone and when was the last time you had actual face time with them?

That was the case for me and my Atlanta friends, better known as, “Atlanta Baes”. We have a Chief Fun Officer, Ashley, that makes sure that we can all gather together for necessary laughter, tears, and gossip. My ATL gal group includes lawyers, interior designers, executives, and mommies. They are all bossed up and busy, similar to myself, so it is always easy to say no to an unscheduled brunch. For me, if it’s not on my calendar two weeks in advance, Issa no for me dawg. Chief Fun Officer wasn’t haven’t it and made reservations at the Garden and Gun Club located in the heart of Battery Park.

Saturday, around noon (typical brunch time), we all headed over to Marietta. For some reason, we all wore green and were in “formation”, per usual. We all have different personas, similar to Sex & the City. I like to be as comfy as possible, but my curves won’t let me be great and am always unapologetically sexy (in my Birkenstocks and all).

Since I’m behind the camera, I didn’t have a full pic of my outfit. The dress is from Old Navy
Are we still striking Gucci? I think the ban is over!

The table was adorned with the finest bags and accessories. Our waiter was probably like who are these chics lol. Mood –> Tiffany twirled into brunch as if she was going to Beyonce’s concert (she was going to Summer Bash later that day). She can pair a hat (Goorin Bros) with any ensemble. Chic and fabulous with a Detroit flair.

Someone said Brunch?

Let’s get into the food before I forget. The menu had a lot of words on it that I could tell none of us felt like reading. So we asked our super cute actor waiter what he recommended and he said the Shrimp and Pancakes. I think three of us ordered shrimp and had tiny slices of Tiffany’s pancakes (we are watching our girly figures). The food was delicious. The pancakes had a lemon flavor and honestly didn’t need syrup. The shrimp made me feel like I stepped into New Orleans. It was nice and crispy AND flavorful. Yum.

Brunch is not brunch without great conversation. We all had to catch up on our love lives, careers, and freeing JT (City Girls). After two Aperol Spritz’ later, we decided to venture over to Punch Bowl for a few lemon drops. The walk over to the next bar turned into a mini-photoshoot, we couldn’t help ourselves.

At the end of the day, I felt a few pounds lighter emotionally. All of my friends are filled with wisdom and sass that is comforting. Cheif Fun Officer told us all that this will be a quarterly event, so I’m marking my calendar in advance, she plays zero games!

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