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Pull Up on SHOWFIELDS for the Holidays!

Hey my loves! ‘Tis the season for gift-giving and spreading love. This year is a bit different. Instead of spending hours on line at your favorite retailers, you’ll probably be glued to your computer or phone snagging up amazing deals. So what does that mean for traditional retail?


Everyone is rethinking the way we shop. Last weekend I visited a totally new concept of department store shopping. SHOWFIELDS coins themselves as “The most interesting store in the world”, and that they are! With two locations in the United States, one in Soho, NY, and the other in Miami, FL, SHOWFIELDS is a combination of artistic expression and cool AF brands! Cool is an understatement.

They’ve carefully curated a collection of brands that are mission driven, innovative, and simply provoke joy. Did I mention that there’s a slide…yes, a slide, to get you from floor to floor. My retail Willy Wonka dreams in real life.

I received an exclusive tour at the Lincoln Road location in Miami Beach (shoutout to Joni) where he explained how SHOWFIELDS’ concept allows brands to try retail in a unique way. Worried about foot traffic? There are over 200 brands to date where they all actively promote being in SHOWFIELDS which is great from a marketing point of view. So all of the brands cross-promote which helps with the visibility. They even have a section for newbie brands called “The Lab”. If you’re in NY or Miami, be sure to check out the locations to see the amazingness in person! If you’re not local, you can still shop via their website.

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