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Recap- Summer Mixer at Goorin Bros

If you were in Ponce City Market this past Friday you probably noticed that it was pretty lit at Goorin Bros! My friends (old and new) were able to learn SO MUCH about Goorin Bros’ hats and the proper way to wear them thanks to their amazing manager Daniel during my Summer Mixer.

I had friends attend the event that swore they were not “hat” people, but by the second hour, they were walking out with a brand new Goorin Bros hat. I’ve always had difficulty myself finding a hat that fits, but in all of their locations, you are able to get your hat stretched by steam to allow for it to expand a bit. (Check out my IG TV video for that)


During the event, we enjoyed custom-made cocktails paired with Brooklyn Crafted‘s Ginger Beers. Their ginger beers are made with natural ingredients and are so refreshing. Our guests were able to sample their Extra Spicy, Lemon, and Mango flavors.

One of the cool things about Goorin Bros is that they have a plethora of accessories to choose from to make your hat unique. I paired my hat with two feathers. In the fall I will be sure to purchase a beret and stylize it with pins. Check out the pics here from the event below and stay tuned for my next one!

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