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Sisterhood Brunch

Girl crush moment. Let me tell you about Jazmine Duke; I met her last year at a dope event and her energy radiated the room. She’s witty, smart, and an unapologetic bad ass. A budding business mogul and an advocate for women, if you’re not following her after reading this, then something is seriously wrong! 

Jazmine Duke in the Gray. Photo by Shari Alisha

When I met Jazmine last year, she had just written “I’m Black and I have a Dad”, I read her book literally in one day and called her to tell her that I needed more! Besides being an author, she owns JD Bath Co.

I started jD Bath Co. for completely selfish reasons. I am an avid bath lover who hasn’t been able to use a bath products without some unpleasant side effect. I created Bomb AF Organic Bath Bombs for me. I perfected them for you. A clean, organic, nourishing bath time experience.”- Jazmine Duke

Okay, so at this point, you get it, she’s dope. Jazmine has quarterly brunches called the “Sisterhood Brunch”, where women can get together and discuss real life and leave all the boring work-talk at home. This past brunch was incredibly impactful. There were two guest speakers, G. Michelle and Faith Joyner. G.Michelle is a Counselor who specializes in Self-Care. Faith Joyner is also a Counselor and Podcast Host.

G.Michelle on the Left and Faith Joyner on the Right

After listening to both women, we were all inspired to figure out how to celebrate our accomplishments and to practice true self-care. Jazmine is planning another Sisterhood Brunch in February. Be sure to follow her on social so you can know when her next one is happening!

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