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Tea Time During That Special Time!

Ladies, I discovered a new tea that will literally change your life once a month! Yes, that special time of the month when you really don’t want to talk to people or do an extraneous activity (at least I don’t)!


Elsa’s Blend is a tea company based in Jamaica. This herbal tea is said to alleviate aches and pains during a woman’s menstrual cycle.

“Elsa’s Blend ™ is a Jamaican retail Tea Company that produces authentic, flavourful, organic herbal teas with nutritional and medicinal benefits. The company was born through mere coincidence, by a father seeking a holistic treatment for his little girl monthly menstrual symptoms. Through consultations with Jamaican herb enthusiasts and tea drinkers, Elsa’s Blend came to life. The idea to provide nutrient-rich value-added products, ones that aided common health problems became the focus of Elsa’s Blend ™ Ltd. and that inspired our range of teas which is now a reality.” (

So Does it Work?

Short answer, YES!

I tried it for two rounds (2 months) and it really worked! Normally, I would take a pain reliever and feel worse afterward, but with this tea, it helped to calm my pain and actually relaxed me. I like my Elsa’s Blend tea without sugar. If you need to use a sweetener, try Stevia packets.

If you would like to purchase, head over to one of Elsa’s Blend U.S Distributors here!



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