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The 411 on Summit 21

I am still glowing from all of the #blackgirlmagic during 21 Ninety’s “Summit 21”! EmpowerHer was rebranded to Summit 21 and was a two-day conference that included advice pertaining to wealth, health, and beauty.

A Lil’ history of 21 Ninety…

“Blavity is a venture-backed technology and media company aimed at building beautiful products and experiences for black millennials. Founded in July 2014, has quickly grown to become one of the fastest growing digital media outlets on the web, reaching more than 7M millennials a month.”-

Morgan DeBaun, the founder of Blavity, launched 21 Ninety, Afrotech, Travel Noire, and ShadowandAct. Boom! She stays busy & blessed.

“It takes 21 days to form a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle. 21Ninety is the one place where women of color can come together to learn about new things in beauty, wellness, and health.”-

The Summit was just simply amazing and this article will not do it justice, so bear with me.

They started the summit off with meditation by Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts and choreography by Daisha Graf. (I should start my day like that every day.) Afterward, we all broke out into our “track”. The three different tracks were: Beauty, Impact, & Money. Since I had a media pass, I sampled the three different tracks.

My first course was so insightful. I participated in Danielle Leslie’s  “How To Make Money Selling Digital Courses”. The aha moment that I received was to “Just Do It”. If you would like to sell online courses, don’t worry about making them pretty. Film your course on google hangouts or zoom and sell them! And, don’t underprice yourself. Sometimes you have to hear it from other people for concepts like that to sink in.

Trying to soak in my new knowledge, I enjoyed lunch and was able to snag 5 free large items! These items included a Swell water bottle, Dove, Curl Foamers, and Shea Moisture products. There were also beauty & wellness vendors giving out product in exchange for your engagement at their booth. Everything was staged so beautifully. All of the walls had motivational messages and cute backdrops for the perfect selfies.

Besides the amazing speakers, I was able to network with women at the summit and let me just say, they were all BOMB! I met execs, entrepreneurs, dope students, authors, and scientists. Mind you, this is just day 1 at this point! The second day had a similar lineup, but lunch was LIT. It was deejayed by the legendary Coco & Breezy.

So, was it worth the ticket prices? (Started at $350). Short answer- YES. Think of the price of normal consulting services, some start at $1000. You are in a room filled with “consultants” that are willing and eager to let you pick their brains. Also, you left with tons of free product. Subscribe to 21 Ninety’s email list so you are the first to know about next year’s event! I am already counting down!

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