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The Holidays with LoveBox

Hey RTWG Family! It’s been a while! The last two months seemed like I was in a whirlwind of events and work. Year 33 has been filled with tons of great surprises, including my new box of joy, the LoveBox!


Those of you who know me, know that I am a HUGE tech geek, so when I received the opportunity to try my own LoveBox, I was thrilled. So what is it?

“The idea behind Lovebox is to have a space dedicated to love, an emblem that connects a selected number of people and gives them the opportunity to find an intimate space. Nothing can describe the emotion we feel once we realize the heart on the box is spinning, indicating a love note is waiting to be read inside. It is so much stronger than a ringtone coming from a phone. The Lovebox is not a communication tool, it’s an emotion transmitter, an object only designed to create happiness. We are convinced that an object like this will give you more space for love in your busy lives. We decided to use technology to create joy and make the people that love one another closer.”

The technology behind the box is pretty cool. When you first receive it, you have to connect it to wifi through your cell phone. It then instructs you to download the app and share your secret code. My code is “B5IZ-06J2”, in case you all would like to send me some love!


You close the lid, and when the heart spins, you have a new message. It’s so cool! This is a great gift to send your loved ones. #sponsored 🙂


You can never receive too many love messages!

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