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Three Ways to Wear a Pleated Skirt

Pleats, please! Pleated skirts were all the rage last year and I’m sure that you have several in your closet. The past few weeks I kept staring at my favorite J Crew skirt in my closet that was already posted on my Instagram. I thought to myself, “How can I make this skirt even cuter than the last time I wore it? I had an ah-ha moment, let’s see if this skirt can fit like a dress.

I did a photoshoot on my rooftop. Don’t underestimate your camera settings. If you don’t have someone to take your photos, use the 10 sec auto capture feature, and POSE!

I pulled it up over my head and zipped it up. The band of the skirt wasn’t too cute so I decided to take my black belt with a gold buckle to create more drama. If you have one of those trendy Gucci belts, that would be cute too!

This looks great in the office too!

Another way to wear a pleated skirt this season is trying it on with a military-style vest. I paired mine with one from Target and used the same black skinny belt to had more dimension.

I also decided to show you a look with a crop-top. This is great for a brunch date with the girls!

This cute top is from Rue 107

You can recreate my looks. Here are some options below:

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