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‘Tis the TEAson

As everyone scrambles to get last minute gifts, I’ll like to put you on to a new delicious find- Yswara Teas!

Yswara, founded by Swaady Martin,  is a tea company that sources all of its ingredients from the soil of Africa.

Swaady Martin


Africans have long understood the healing power of plants. The fragrant leaves of the hibiscus have long been popular in Western Africa; drinking kinkeliba bush tea is a daily ritual for many in Senegal and Gambia. Rooibos, honeybush and buchu were harvested by the Khoisan people of Southern Africa and are still celebrated for their medicinal properties.

Today, YSWARA harnesses this ancient knowledge in collecting the world’s largest selection of fine African teas. Our single estate, orthodox teas are grown in the verdant fields of the finest African tea estates, whether it be the rolling hills of Rwanda’s Rukeri Estate or the misty peaks of Malawi’s Shire Highlands. Each of these rare leaves is handpicked and sun-dried, processed on their individual farms using only natural methods.-

Early Christmas Tea from my Colleague

With this type of tea, you will need an infuser since it is loose tea. Steepers are a great stocking stuffer.



Yswara tea comes without a traditional tea bag.

This tea retails currently in South Africa. Here is a link to the available online stores. If you can get your hands on this tea, it will give the lucky recipient a true taste of South Africa!

Indulge in tasty tea from South Africa!

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