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What Lifts You?- My Weekend in Nashville, TN

Okay, let’s start with some exciting news. I’ve been a bit quiet on my blog, because A LOT has been going on! First things first, a few weeks ago, I received a call back from Good American. Repeat, a call back from Good American Jeans, a company co-founded by Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede. I saw the posting on their Instagram to apply to become one of their next models for their “Good Squad”. I am 5ft 2″ and curvy as hell. I’ve always wanted to model, but knew that it wasn’t a possibility for me because, again, I am 5ft 2″!

So when I received the callback, I knew that I had to make my way to Nashville, Tennessee. Living in Atlanta, Ga has it perks. I am pretty close to all of the southern cities and a quick flight to NYC. The drive to Nashville is 3.5 hrs and luckily there is rarely any traffic once you get out of the city of Atlanta.

My fiancé graciously drove with me (I helped a lil with the drive). The casting occurred at Nordstrom in a super cute mall.

Good American Casting Call

I was a bit nervous when I arrived, but sat next to some really cool women. Everyone had a unique story of why they were there but the common thing was that everyone was comfortable in their skin. There were all sizes, races, ethnicities, and style at the casting.

When they called my number, I said to myself, “It’s now or Never”. I was greeted by four judges who immediately asked me to tell them why I was there and about myself.

At that moment, I felt myself speaking, but kind of went into a trance. By the end of it, they told me that enjoyed my story and asked for me to share it with their camera crew. When I was done, I was so glad that I ventured to Nashville and took a huge risk. Wether they select me or not, I am grateful for the opportunity and can now say that I went to a model call for Good American!

After the casting call, my fiancé and I decided to hit the streets of Nashville. If NYC and New Orleans were to have a baby, it would be Nashville. The city is LIT! Music, food, southern culture and charm sums up this great city. If you’re in town, you have to visit their distilleries, they are known for Whisky & Country Music. Even if you’re not fond of country music, it is enjoyable hearing the singers perform in the different bars. Country music has always been my jam, but I know it’s hit or miss for some.

If you’re in to murals, there are amazing murals throughout the city. I visited the iconic “What Lifts You Mural” by Kelsey Montague. There was a long line to take a pic in front of the wings. Y’all know I had to do it for the ‘gram lol!

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