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Year 33

Someone asked me how old I was turning and I said “33”. My fiance immediately said, “It’s your Jesus year”! Huh? I never heard that reference before. I began to do research. Apparently, Jesus died and came back in his 33rd year of life. It’s supposed to be your happiest year ever.

I asked my mom if she remembered her 33rd year and if she was happy. She said to me “Well, it wasn’t sad. I had my three children, was married, had a nice place…I actually don’t remember much from that year”.  Hmm.. that response did not prove that theory.

One of my good friends turned 34 a few days ago. I asked him, “How was 33?”. He said his 33rd year of life was amazing. He made the most money ever, had a great network of friends, no drama, and for once in his life, felt really peaceful”. Good answer.

As I reflect my 32 years of life, there has been a lot of ups and very few downs. I am still (even in my first few weeks of 33) discovering myself. What does true happiness mean? I met the love of my life five years ago, have two great degrees, a great support system, a fun career, but yet, there are so many things that I would like to accomplish that I do believe would aid in my complete happiness.

When I was a little girl, I would always visualize my future. It involved some sort of entertainment, I mean Tina Turner is my idol (LOL), dancing, singing, drama…all of that. I can’t sing and am a decent dancer (90s moves of course). For the past 10 years, I have been drawn to the behind the scenes action of entertainment. Wardrobe styling, designing, hair, beauty, and photography. I love seeing the finished product of all of the hard work that goes on. Within the first week of my 33rd year, I was able to produce the biggest photo shoot of my career. I’ve never been mentally pushed that hard. There were so many moving parts and a lot of coordination with several different teams. If this is a preview for what my full year is to come, then 33 is going to be pretty LIT!

Stay tuned for more of my adventures. If you have a great year of 33 stories, please comment below!

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